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Children throw snowball at target in HexagonChildren throw snowball at target in HexagonChildren throw snowball at target in Hexagon
Jumps in the snow park StubaiJumps in the snow park StubaiJumps in the snow park Stubai

Snow parks

Snow parks and equipment from the market leader. From the family-friendly funline to the slopestyle course for professional athletes.

We have over 20 years of international experience in the design, planning, construction and maintenance of snow parks. We know exactly what the actual demands of modern winter sports guests are. First and foremost, because we are passionate winter sports enthusiasts ourselves and belong to your target groups with our families. But we are also aware of the current problems from your perspective around climate change, worldwide declining "Skierdays" and general tasks regarding the lack of personnel in winter sports.

Business-wise we have grown a lot in the last years and with a branch office in Scandinavia we have grown to about 100 employees. Thanks to this transition and the gathered know-how, we are not only well prepared to support you, but we also know about the challenges in a running a winter sports business and take this into account when creating our proposals for strategies, products and projects. We see ourselves as experts for snow parks and combine all our skills and know-how in a target-oriented service portfolio. Always with the highest quality and technical standards, according to the company motto "action sports engineered".

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Hexagon – our new attraction park

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