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Alexander Arpaci
Head of MTB Concepts
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MTB Concepts

Mountain biking - the new star in the world of outdoor tourism. Be a part of it - together with us!

Like an unstoppable force, MTB tourism is changing the existing tourism landscapes and redefining it. Whether it be low mountain regions that want to develop into MTB destinations or communities that want to offer their citizens innovative leisure activities. Everywhere the credo is "We are now also doing "something" with mountain biking".

An approach that is obvious when there is talk about the huge potential of mountain biking everywhere, especially in light of the Corona pandemic. So the topic is fueled from all angles, but how can you turn your vision into a real plan and guarantee that it will actually appeal to enthusiasts, beginners and those who are simply curious? Every project is unique and deserves an accurate evaluation. That's what we are here for and that's why we get involved. So that your ideas become a real offer. We have recognized what is on the horizon for you: A new era in outdoor tourism and community physical activity promotion, a world of opportunity. Let's take advantage of it!

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Alexander Arpaci
Head of MTB Concepts
+49 151 15042062