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Jobs at Schneestern

We have employees who never jump over a kicker and have never stood on a skateboard. And yet we've found that they all have something in common: a passion for something outside of themselves, whether it's skateboarding or the grandkids, freeskiing or gardening, mountain biking or community work. – What are you on fire for?

Get inspired by …

... our education & training – Schneestern Professionals

Schneestern Professionals is a program to train technical experts in the construction of action sports infrastructure in the snow, bike and skate sectors. Our teams are market and innovation leaders in design and construction. With Schneestern Professionals, we are laying the foundation for securing the demand of technical professionals in our industry. In the coming years, we will successively expand our training program and sustainably establish it on the market in order to meet the increasing demand for action sports infrastructures.

We train you to become experts in the construction of action sports infrastructures. This way you can combine your technical skills with the exciting work environment in the action sports industry. Our goal is to inspire you to more than just a new job. At Schneestern and thanks to our professional training program, we can offer you more:

  • In-depth training
  • Good conditions
  • More than just work colleagues
  • Exciting projects worldwide
  • Pure adventure

Are you interested in working in the action sports industry and do you want to shape the sports world of tomorrow together with us? Then apply now and we will make you a Schneestern Professional!

... our future oriented company

Why? – We want to anchor action sports more deeply in society because we are convinced that the community benefits from it.


… employee offers


Change is our constant and true to this principle we offer a "flexible workplace". By this we mean the option of home office, flexitime and a free division of working hours. For us, this is an important element in adapting professional life to private life and responding to a continuously changing society.


Action sports is individual sports and at Schneestern we are looking for very individual characters. Nevertheless, we know that our success in the past, but also in the future, is based on the right teamwork. The right teambuilding is what counts. For this reason, we do not only meet once a year for the big Schneestern Summer Games, but we also enable the common trip to our "highlight projects" like the X-Games, Audi Nines or Red Bull Playstreets or meetup every Friday for an after work beer.

Health care

Action sport is our passion. Our focus is not only on “action”, but also on “sports”. This includes not only a balanced diet provided by "Die Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann" during the lunch break and free fruit in the canteen, but also sufficient exercise, which we want to make possible as a verified employer of "JobRad".

Action sports lifestyle

It is actually clear what Schneestern is all about: Action sports. Of course we want to promote this "lifestyle" accordingly. Therefore we enable every employee to benefit from our growing B2B network and pass on special purchasing conditions in the action and outdoor sports industry. In order to be able to use the favorable equipment, we offer our employees extremely flexible working hours to take advantage of fresh powder or the good weather spontaneously – after a short consultation.

Company resources

The next move is coming up or the camper van is to be extended for the upcoming vacation? We believe that our employees can also benefit privately from our modern production facility or company vehicle fleet. Therefore, every employee has the possibility to borrow tools or cars for private purposes as well. True to the motto: "After 6 p.m. the stuff is just standing around anyway" ;)

Financial advantages

When it comes to our industry, many people also think of an insecure and unstable job. We prove the opposite. Despite a lot of "freestyle" in the industry, we have become a secure employer. With good salary prospects and wage optimization, the opportunity for further training and the prospect of a job that will still exist in 20 years, we aim to provide a stable anchor point to private life.

... cool projects in the field of action sports