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Jobs at Schneestern

We have employees who never jump over a kicker and have never stood on a skateboard. And yet we've found that they all have something in common: a passion for something outside of themselves, whether it's skateboarding or the grandkids, freeskiing or gardening, mountain biking or community work. – What are you on fire for?

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FAQs about the process

How can I apply?
Simply select the job that suits you from the list above and click on the link. You will be taken directly to the detailed job advertisement. There you will also find the button to the online application form. Or you just call us!

What does my application need to include?
In our application tool you will be guided through a form where you can enter all the required data. This is very quick and things like a cover letter are not needed.

What happens after the online application?
We will contact you after receiving your application. In the best case, we will have a suitable position for you and your skills available and will arrange a meeting with you to get to know each other. In any case, you will receive personal feedback from us.


Do you have questions about a position or working at Schneestern? Feel free to contact us!

Stefanie Haslach
People & Culture
+49 175 595 65 14

… employee offers

Time for yourself

Every person sets individual priorities in life - we want to promote this diversity by creating freedom and actively encouraging curiosity and inspiration. In addition, we support further training and internal development with our "Schneestern Professionals" program.

The best team in the world

... that's what everyone says, but our team really is ;) we enjoy barbecues together and start regular team activities - depending on our taste, wakeboarding, hiking and simply going to the ice cream parlor. Besides our annual highlight, the legendary Sommerfest at our headquarters, we offer trips to our projects, like the BigAir in Chur.

My body is my temple

In addition to fresh fruit and the lunch break offer from “Menu-Manufaktur Hofmann,” we offer company fitness via the Wellpass and are a verified JobRad employer. Let's go for a ride!

Action Sport in our DNA

We love action sports and want to make this accessible to our employees in particular - whether with great discounts at Schneestern Shopping or the flexible arrangement of working hours. Fresh powder and bluebird olé!

Sharing is caring

Freely following the motto: 'After 6 PM, the stuff just sits there anyway' you can access our resources even after work hours.

Change is our constant

We are advocates of the "flexible workplace" even after the mandatory pandemic home office. We want work and private life to get together, which is why we demand and encourage flexibility.

... cool projects in the field of action sports

... our education & training – Schneestern Professionals

Schneestern Professionals is a program to train technical experts in the construction of action sports infrastructure in the snow, bike and skate sectors. Our teams are market and innovation leaders in design and construction. With Schneestern Professionals, we are laying the foundation for securing the demand of technical professionals in our industry. In the coming years, we will successively expand our training program and sustainably establish it on the market in order to meet the increasing demand for action sports infrastructures.

  • In-depth training
  • Good conditions
  • More than just work colleagues
  • Exciting projects worldwide
  • Pure adventure