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Biker in full gear on a curve in downhill trailBiker in full gear on a curve in downhill trailBiker in full gear on a curve in downhill trail

Downhill trail

Calling it the premier class of mountain biking might be a bit too much, but the downhill trail is definitely one of the most spectacular types of tracks. Following the basic principle of downhill riding, a challenging route is to be tackled as quickly as possible. The most important criteria for this type of course is the skillful combination of both natural (e.g. stone fields, root sections) and artificial elements (e.g. wooden obstacles, extended drops) in order to create a demanding and action-packed riding experience. As a result, downhill trails are one of the most popular media formats in mountain biking. Even amateur riders attract large numbers of visitors at downhill competitions. Thanks to the natural character of the track, the effort required for construction is moderate, but the requirements for the terrain are very specific and maintenance is known to be extensive.


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