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Biker in autumn forest on a trailBiker in autumn forest on a trailBiker in autumn forest on a trail

Trail park

Trail park – a new trend in the world of mountain biking, which actually is not that new. The world's first trail park opened its doors in Wales back in 1991, laying the foundation for an exciting concept for mountain biking. The principle behind it is as simple as it is genius. Starting from a central junction (trailhead), a network of single trails, with tracks (only accessible in one direction) of all levels of difficulty, spreads out. On the individual trails, uphill and downhill passages alternate with one another, focusing very clearly on the descent. However, in contrast to the classic model of the bike park, the trail park does not offer any aids to ascent. An exception to this is the fact that modern trail parks are becoming increasingly popular with e-bikers due to their uphill character. Despite its sporty character, the park is designed for as broad of an audience as possible thanks to its balanced degree of difficulty. The magic word "flow" also plays an important role in the trail park. Meaning the individual trails are never too steep and clearly "flowy" in nature. The increasing level of difficulty does not result from the incline, but from additional obstacles and an increasing length of the trail.


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