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Various skills obstacles on an asphalt square with treesVarious skills obstacles on an asphalt square with treesVarious skills obstacles on an asphalt square with trees

Practice elements / skills obstacles

Besides their mobility and manageable costs, a great advantage of training elements is their individuality. No matter the target group or purpose, there are hardly any limits to the shape and design of the constructions. This is exactly what makes them perfect for use in bike schools and practice courses. Situations from the world of biking can be simulated and practiced practically without danger. These elements are also ideal for improving skills and techniques. In this area Schneestern draws on the know-how and experience of "TrailXperience". A provider of high-quality biking tours and technical riding courses who, as our cooperation partner, knows how important professional practice elements are. Mobile elements are particularly interesting due to the fact that they can not only be combined with one another at any time, but can also be set up or dismantled as desired.


  • Quality products "Made in Germany"
  • TÜV - certified
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Permanent and temporary use
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Individually combinable elements
  • Tailored to riding technique trainings
  • Suitable for children due to its low drop height
  • Individualized elements upon request


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