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E-bike trail with artificial curve and two e-bikersE-bike trail with artificial curve and two e-bikersE-bike trail with artificial curve and two e-bikers

E-bike trails

Pedelecs & E-Bikes are one of the latest developments in the two-wheeler industry and have experienced an unprecedented boom in recent years. Already every third e-bike/pedelec in Europe has been sold in Germany, which in 2018 will add up to a proud total of around 850,000 e-bikes. This is a clear sign that a very large part of the future of biking also lies in electric powered two-wheelers. There are many reasons for this development. The demographic change, the latest movement trend and increasing urbanization are just a few of the reasons why more and more bikers are turning to the support of an electric motor. Much more important than the why is the question of how municipalities, cities or regions/destinations deal with this development. Because even though e-bikes and conventional bikes may seem very similar at first glance, the needs of the respective users differ. Thus, new demands on the dimensions of bike infrastructures result from the performance data of e-bikes alone. These special demands are addressed with dedicated e-bike trails for both urban and off-road use.


E-Bike Trails offer these added values

  • The demand for longer trails with more "uphill" passages can be specifically addressed
  • Cost-effective planning of infrastructure specifically for e-bikes (charging stations, rental, courses, workshop etc.)
  • Nature-friendly planning and construction concept (e.g. abrasion-resistant trails to counteract the increased performance of the e-bikes)
  • Channelling and securing sporting activities
  • Useful addition also to trails in connection with climbing aids, in order to serve a further target group and generate added value


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