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Pump track Schriesheim overviewPump track Schriesheim overviewPump track Schriesheim overview

Pump track Schriesheim

In addition to the bikers, we have especially considered the scooter kids as the largest target group currently. Together with the skaters, they will find a separate spot in the mini-ramp and the flyout loop, specifically designed for their needs. In addition, the facility is kept low-threshold due to the budget and is very suitable especially for the younger users. Offers for "passive youths" as well as "passive and active adults" cannot be reasonably offered within the given budget framework.

Project overview
Municipality of Schriesheim
Schriesheim | Germany
Project type
Pump track & scooter zone
Departmental planning

Die 7 Nutzergruppen von Pumptracks

Children from 3 to 7 years

Scooter kids

Passive children & teenagers

Passive adults

Skate board / inline

MTB / bike

Active adults

Pump track – there is something for everyone

Division into target groups

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