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Pumptrack Füssen

Pumptrack Füssen


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Pumptrack Knittelfeld


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Pumptrack Lermoos


If there is a bike park literally providing endless fun then it is the pump track. The aim is to ride the pump track with its waves, curves and jumps in an infinite loop through dynamic up and down movements – the so-called “pumping” – and to generate speed without pedaling or pushing. Once this principle is taken into account, there are no limits on how to design a park. Therefore, countless forms of pump tracks can be built. The layout can be individually tailored to the terrain and, thanks to its similarity to parks, it blends perfectly into the modern cityscape. As an urban sporting facility, the pump track also impresses with its high level of safety. Since the riding ability determines the maximum speed, this type of facility is considered very safe and has the same hazard rating as children’s playgrounds. If the pump track is paved, it is not only very low maintenance and safe from vandalism, but also becomes accessible for many types of users such as skateboarders, longboarders, scooter riders, inline skaters and even people in a wheelchair. Summarizing these aspects, it becomes clear that the pump track is not solely a simple facility for bike sports, but the most versatile multi-sport system for roller sports available to date. Do decide to buy a pump track and therefore promote “exercise” in your community.

Characteristics of a Pump Track

Pump Track Costs

XSBase area: from 250 m2Asphalt area: 100–250 m2Cost: from ab 30.000 €
SBase area: from 625 m2Asphalt area: 250-500 m2Cost: from 75.000 €
MBase area: from 1.250 m2Asphalt area: 500-1.000 m2Cost: from 150.000 €
LBase area: from 2.500 m2Asphalt area: 1.000-2.000 m2Cost: from 300.000 €
XLBase area: from 5.000 m2Asphalt area: ab 2.000 m2Cost: from 600.000 €

Building a Pump Track

Construction works

Depending on the trail or the layout of the facility, operations can be carried out manually or with the use of machines. In general, sensitive areas and protective zones are worked on manually, whereas machines are used for uncomplicated and major operations.

Tampering with nature and landscape

Different demands on the facility and the layouts of trails require an adjustment of the terrain and thus an impact on nature. For example, in the case of beginner-friendly trails, steep terrain may have to be leveled or a path created for forest sections.

Water management

When building bike trails and facilities, it is extremely important to know how to deal with heavy rainfall. Drainage systems are essential, especially for jumps and banked curves, but also for larger sealed areas.

After all, efficient drainage not only means longer periods of operation, but also less maintenance work.

Artificial obstacles / equipment

Often, natural obstacles do not meet the requirements of the respective track or type of facility and must therefore be extended by artificial sections. The possibilities range from additional stone fields to complex constructions made of steel and wood. Any kind of artificial elements are possible.

Sustainable pump track construction

Building a Pump Track sustainable


Building the “right thing”

For us, sustainability means first and foremost building the right track/facility for the right target group. Multifunctionality should always be the main focus in order to reach as many sporting groups as possible. Relevant sporting facilities which are tailored to the sporting behavior of current and future generations. This is the only way to guarantee that facilities are being used sustainably and for as long as possible, further reducing often unnecessary construction work which occur due to changes in sporting behavior and therefore minimizing the impact on nature.

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